Becoming an Escort in New Zealand

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If you intend on becoming an escort part-time, as a hobby, or for the long-term, it is entirely a personal choice. However, before starting it, you should be physically and mentally prepared.

Being an escort in Christchurch New Zealand can easily make you earn as much as $1500 – $4000 per week. It is a great venture if you have what it takes to give the best escort services. There are a lot of sexy NZ girls already doing it and it has proven to be very competitive when it comes to the escort business.

Pursuing a career in escorting is not for the faint-hearted.  However, it is significantly rewarding if you’re doing it the right way no matter the intention. Here are some of the characteristics you need to embrace to become a worthy NZ escort. When you try to find one, please check the tips as well!


Becoming an escort tends to arise out of will or desperation. But often those who are sexually independent, single and living on their own terms do well as escorts. Becoming a great NZ escort calls for managing your emotions and separating your professional lives from your personal ones.


Confidence is the main personality trait one should possess as an escort. You can’t achieve client satisfaction if you have no confidence socially and most importantly, sexually. Most clients are extremely nervous having their first escort experience. Most of them will be looking for reassurance which requires you to be able to pick up on what the clients need and being able to connect with them emotionally.


Because it is always a priority to ensure the client feels at ease, being friendly is a crucial trait. Looking sexy is great, but if you don’t have the right personality to match it, your clients won’t want to meet you again or even recommend their colleagues to you. Having great looks is a big plus, but most clients are looking to have more personal experience in the whole interaction. This is essentially what makes them coming back. There are so many beautiful and sexy New Zealand girls out there. What’s so unique that you have to offer?

Sex Charm

An irresistible factor that will always get the attention of your clients is your sex-appeal and self-confidence. How you present yourself determines your overall turnover greatly. The biggest turn on for any client will be your irresistible sex charm. Ensure that you’re always looking spontaneous and dressed to kill. Putting that extra effort is what differentiates you from your competition.

Be Affirmative

NZ girls are always aware of their limitations. Being able to set boundaries between you and your clients will go a long way in saving your health and mental reassurance. You should be able to set boundaries and always stand by them. Whether it’s using a condom when you’re having sex, or if you aren’t comfortable performing anal or group sex, give your client the heads up.

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