Coronavirus, Escorts in New Zealand and Escorts in Australia

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While New Zealand has reported very few cases of coronavirus, or COVID-19, the same cannot be said for Australia. However, in relation to the number of cases in Europe, the situation in Oceania is nowhere near as dramatic. However, that is no excuse for being lax about protecting yourself against the virus which can be deadly, particularly for “at-risk” groups.

Now where coronavirus and sex are concerned, there is an excellent article in that explains all you need to know.

Now when it comes to New Zealand escorts and Australia escorts, if you want to spend time in their company and are worried about contracting COVID-19, then the safest way would be to avoid any physical contact. Consequently, if you wish to engage the legal services of an escort, in other words pay them simply to keep you company, to escort you wherever you choose to go, such as for a meal or out for a drink, providing you maintain a safe distance between the two of you and strictly avoid any kissing, then you should have nothing to worry about.

While some people infected with COVID-19 are asymptomatic (they have no symptoms) our advice where an escort is concerned is to politely suggest they self-isolate and call a doctor if you suspect they have a cough, a cold or the flu. However, escorts are smart, intelligent and thoughtful men and woman, so it is highly unlikely they would wish to put anyone at risk.

So, when it comes to spending time with an escort, you have to ask yourself if you, or your escort, fall into the “high-risk” category which, to be honest, is highly unlikely. The high-risk group includes those over 80 years of age, those over 60 years of age with a history of heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, or other major illness. Anyone with a serious ongoing illness is also at risk of coronavirus proving fatal.

For those who are young and healthy, it has been reported that for most, symptoms of the virus are little worse than a mild dose of the flu, so you are unlikely (but not guaranteed) to be taking your life into your own hands if you spend an evening with an escort in New Zealand or and Escort in Australia. However, you then have to think who you, in turn, will be coming into contact with, and whether they are in the at-risk group as, sadly, while we may get off lightly if we contract the virus, they won’t, and we have a responsibility to those around us, not just ourselves.

At Secretgirl New Zealand we take it seriously and encourage everyone to follow the rules.

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