Escort scene in Bogota

This picture shows bogota women holding a love sign

When I first came to Bogotá on business three years ago, I was so excited by the city. As the capital of Colombia, there was certainly no shortage of things to do and places to see, that’s for sure. Like anyone who discovers a new playground ( Escort scene 😉 ), to begin with, I was happy to explore on my own and like most “tourists” I ended up visiting typical venues. I will admit to being impressed by the gold in the Museo del Oro, I found Fernando Botéro’s art in the Museo Botéro stunning, and the architecture of the 17th century Iglesia de San Francisco breathtaking.

However, once the excitement begins to wear off and you get bored with doing things on your own, you suddenly realize you need some excitement of a different nature, and that you also want to discover the real Bogota, not the one designed to seduce unwary tourists. I did some asking around, and when the name Pasion Prepagos Bogotá kept cropping up and everyone telling me that I would find all I could ever want from a trip to Bogotá, I had to check it out for myself. Escort scene in Bogota needed a little bit exploring but I found the one.

So, what is Pasion Prepagos Bogotá? It is a website for, without doubt, the best escorts in Bogotá. Not only are they beautiful young girls, but they are all so friendly (well, I’ve not met them all, but the ones I have met have all been so much fun to be with). While Spanish is the common language, some also speak English and doubtless a few other languages as these are also very smart girls. The similarities between the New Zealand escort scene are immense.

And what I enjoyed the most (apart from the obvious!) was that they know a side to Bogotá I never knew existed – the real Bogotá with a great nightlife and proper entertainment. Now, whenever I am due to return to Bogota, the first thing I book, even before my accommodation, is some great company, courtesy of Pasion Prepagos Bogotá.

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